New Pressure CO2

February 8, 2019





Food products are always invaded by insects, larvas or their eggs more or less. Larvas may cause microbiological contamination, they can even make whole lot inconsumable, particularly during long storage times. These insects can all be destroyed by our Full Automatic Pressure CO2 Fumigation Tank.
No residual, no harm to the product and also not harmful to health.


Working principle pressure CO2 Tank is as follows; firstly, the air in tank is deflated in a particular rate, then CO2 gas is released inside the tank. Temperature is adjusted to 30 C in order to make larvas and eggs come out. CO2 treatment is decisive on the products which are kept within this tank for a while. 75% more successful results than the treatments in cold ambiance. By this method, the decisive insect control can be done. (Such as worms, larvas, symphyta, butterfly, fruit fly etc.)


Therefore, CO2 fumigation is efficient, clean and sustainable. If you have any problem with insects, in order to make your products CO2 fumigated, please get in contact with us.


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