Good Looking Food

January 12, 2018


Consumer behavior and decision making mechanism is manipulated by both mass media and social media through advertisements, on a great extend. Media has convinced consumers that the foods must have great looking.

Great photography tricks lie behind these good looking food advertisements. Actually, we all know that these shiny, smooth apples are not used in order to produce apple juice. Fortunately they are not used since the advertisement makers implement deodorant, beeswax or glycerin to make them brighter.

The desire of reaching great looking food occures either in the dried fruits sector. The color of the product which dried under the sun, turns to darker, normally and naturally. However, consumers perceive that lighter colored dried fruits are cleaner, tastier or more appropriate to consume and have high quality. Unfortunately, these marketing manipulations turned to general view and leads to consumers being mistaken.


Consumers should think twice while making a purchase decision. For instance, whiter dried figs, whiter dried mulberries have bleached artificially, no doubt. Consumer behaviors affect producers and food processors as well. The demand for good looking food product, pulling the producers away from natural processing methods. As a result of these new processing methods, products lost their natural forms, their colors as it should be.



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