Exporting Dried Apricots to Germany

December 21, 2017



Exporting Dried Apricots to Germany


Consumption of dried fruit in Germany is about 0.75 kg per capita per annum. This equates to a market volume approaching 40,000 tonnes, worth over € 210 million.


Dried apricots account for close to 20% of this large market. The market is driven by the consumption of snacks, underpinned by the growing demand for natural food with no flavourings.

Further stimulus comes from innovation in the market, new packaging formats, recipes featuring dried apricots and new products featuring dried apricots in food sectors such as confectionery and bakery.


Turkey is the leading supplier, but other exporters from Central Asia are increasingly finding opportunities.


Turkey was the dominant supplier of dried apricots into Germany, accounting for 91% of all imports in volume. This was up from 89% in 2009, indicating a decreasing share of imports from other sources.

However, there is a proportionof Turkish tr ade that re-exports from other Central Asian countries to Germany.

The extent of this trade is unclear but potentially significant. The trade tends to buy in the autumn after the harvest, up to the following January or February.

Most contracts are annual contracts, so sufficient quantities are purchased to cover one year's expected demand. Dried apricots can maintain their quality for a year if they are stored properly.



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