Raisins: Market Update and Trends

November 13, 2017



Expected crop has decreased by 22% as 84.000 tons on raisins this year, an 8 year low.


US production and stocks forecast down 23.000 tons to an 11 year low of 275.000 tons.


China’s production is fore cast up 5,000 tons to 190,000 on favorable growing conditions in the major growing region of Turpan. Exports are forecast to rebound to 25,000 tons on modest gains to the European Union and Japan.




Turkey’s production is forecast to drops lightly to 295,000 tons due to sporadicfrost and hail damage during the spring in some growing regions in Manisa and Izmir. With lower available supplies, exports are expected down 25,000 tonsto 240,000 on slower shipments to the European Union, its primary market. Although there are over 1,200 grape varieties grown throughout Turkey, Sultana seedless grapes account for approximately 40 percent by volume and are grown in the Aegean region.


Because of the decrease on this volume the prices of sultana raisins predicted as higher than last year.


Izmir Organic is one of the biggest supplier of raisins in Turkey. You can contact us for updated prices of organic sultana raisins, thompson raisins and green raisins types.



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