Dried fig exportation volume increased by 28%

November 6, 2017


2017/2018 dried fig exportation season started on the date of October 11, 2017. Turkey shipped dried figs worth 34 million 322 thousand dollars to 54 countries between the dates of October 11 and 14, 2017. Last season Turkey exported 5 thousand 196 tons of dried figs worth 22 million 39 thousand dollars on the first week. The volume of dried fig exportation has increased by 28 percent in quantity and 54 percent in value.


Our goal is to export 65 to 70 thousand tons without panicking

Mr. Birol Celep, as the Chairman of Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association  underlined that Turkish fig has become a global trademark and added “Our effort is to export Turkish fig based on the highest value. We work hard to make right attempts for exporting Turkish fig with higher added value. We have a historic harvest this year; 78 thousand 200 tons. This harvest volume should not worry anyone because we are going to export this harvest without panicking. Our goal is to export 70 thousand tons”.


Highest quantities exported to France, Germany and Italy

The top country of dried fig exportation was France on the first week of 2017/18 season with 6 million 251 thousand dollars and the top second country Germany imported dried fig of 5 million 833 thousand dollars. Italy followed Germany by purchasing dried fig worth 4 million 25 thousand dollars. The USA and Switzerland followed these countries with dried fig importation figures of 2 million 539 thousand dollars and 2 million 178 thousand dollars, respectively.


We exported 63 thousand 605 tons of dried fig in 2016/17 season

Turkey completed 2016/17 dried fig exportation season with exportation of 63 thousand 605 tons. In 2015/16 season, we exported 67 thousand 530 tons of dried fig. The quantity of dried fig exportation has decreased by the value has increased by 1 percent and reached up to 232 million 913 thousand dollars. This is caused by increase of average exportation price of dried fig.


France has been the leading country in dried fig exportation for years and it preserved its rank on the 2016/17 season with 34 million 489 thousand dollars, and Germany followed France with dried fig exportation volumes of 30 million 465 thousand and USA followed Germany by purchasing dried fig worth 25 million 672 thousand dollars. Delicious dried fig was tasted in 98 countries in the 2016/17 season.


We do export our Organic and Conventional Dried Figs this season to Europe and the USA. Every year we add value to our products, services and quality and we grow with our customers.

For all inquiries; info@izmir-organik.com

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