Organic Food

Organic Food means simply, foodstuff which is cultivated and processed without; agricultural chemical, fungicide, pesticide, hormone, antibiotic, preserver, additives or chemical packing materials.

Organic Food involves foods of animal origin and vegetal foods. The most importantly, we know that organic food is purified from pesticides. Additionaly, organic food means that, these products were cultivated on the cropland which did not used any kind of pesticide or chemical, for 3 years (min). Organic Food is the food that processed and packaged without artificial preservers, colorants, polisher or other additives.

Today, organic food problem has solved in a large extend, in many country all around the world. Public authorities or sivil society organizations which have authorization from public; can certify the products as organic food in order to protect consumer rights. In order to receive organic food and organic agriculture certificate, the farmer must to agree with these authorities about control and checks.

Organic Food also involves genetically non-modified products. If any kind of additive has been used during the cultivation, production, process or packaging we can not call this product as organic food. © İzmir Organik © 2016 | Privacy Policy


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