Our Certifications

  • Integration

    At Izmir Organic, our certifications are more than papers that we hang on our walls. They pervade every aspect of our work and form an integral part of our corporate culture.

  • Quality System

    We make sure that the rules and principles prescribed by each certificate translate into action by establishing systems that foster compliance.

  • Education

    We also ensure that these rules and principles are understood and implemented by every person involved in our work through continuous education of our staff, suppliers and customers.

BRC Certified - AA Grade

Izmir Organic has held BRC certification for six consecutive years and has earned a higher grade with each passing year, culminating in our current “AA” grade, the highest possible rating that an organization can achieve.
Continuous Improvement
By Izmir Organic

Our BRC certification is more than a matter of a few grueling days of yearly audit, it is an everyday strive towards the highest global standards in product safety, integrity, legality and quality.

Controlled Quality
By Izmir Organic

We ensure that we set in place all required operational controls for manufacturing, processing and packing of our food products to ensure that product quality and safety are hallmarks of our company culture.

EU, USDA and COR Organic Certifications

  • Standards

    Our factory has been certified organic since 2012 by the CCPB certification body in compliance with the standards set by the European Union (EU), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Canada Organic Regime (COR).

  • Reliability

    We spare no effort in ensuring that our organic certification guarantees products of the highest quality and reliability.

  • Verification

    This means going above and beyond the organic certification of our suppliers to test every batch of raw material we receive, using large samples, in order to ensure that the raw material is organic and pesticide-free.

Kosher and Halal Certificates

Mindful of the dietary restrictions imposed by different religious traditions and eager to make our products available to all faith communities, we have secured both kosher and halal certificates.
Kosher Certificate
By Kosher Basel

“Kosher” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “fit”. In the context of nutrition, kosher designates foods that are “fit” for consumption under Jewish dietary laws.At the same time, kosher certification requires the strict absence of insects from foods. This means that we double our efforts when it comes to inspection and cleaning to ensure that we deliver a product that our customers can rely on with complete peace of mind.

Halal Certificate
By Kas Cert

The word “halal” means “permissible” or “lawful” in Arabic. In the context of Islamic dietary laws, it refers to foods that are “permissible” or “lawful” to eat. To abide by our halal certification, we ensure that no product of animal origin is used at any step of our production process. We also guarantee that no alcohol or cleaning agent contains alcohol is used at any stage of that same process.

Sedex Ethical and Responsible Business Practices

  • Certification

    We are proud to be certified by Sedex, a leading ethical trade membership organization. Our Sedex certification testifies to our commitment to ensure humane, fair and safe working conditions for everyone involved in our company’s activities.

  • Working Conditions

    At Izmir Organic, we believe in sharing what we earn with all those who work with us. We ensure that working hours are decent and that overtime is fairly compensated, while making sure that it stays within prescribed limits.

  • Experience

    We use every opportunity to take stock of the challenges faced by our workers and suppliers and value the relationships built with them over the years. We are privileged to have had most of our labor force working with us for more than 5 years, and we treasure their experience as it reduces the likelihood of problems occurring during production.

  • Responsibility

    Our Sedex certification attests to our dedication to operate responsibly, to abide by labor and public laws and to honor our contractual obligations.