Dried Apricots Nutrition Facts

By Izmir Organic

Dried apricots are one of the healthiest snacks available, and one look at dried apricots’ nutrition facts will convince health-conscious consumers to add them to their daily diet. This incredibly sweet and soft yellow fruit is capable of meeting many daily nutritional needs. Apricots are packed with vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is especially important for eye health since it is known to play a role in night vision and protect the cornea. Vitamin E, on the other hand, protects the eye against age-related damage. Apricots are also rich in antioxidants. In addition to vitamins A and E, apricots contain vitamin C and beta carotene. Moreover, apricots contain flavonoids, a group of polyphenol antioxidants that are known to help prevent diabetes and heart disease. Due to their high content in vitamins C and E, apricots are a great way to improve skin health. Vitamin C is known to protect the skin against sun damage and other environmental stressors. Vitamin E promotes a stronger and more elastic skin by contributing to collagen production thereby helping to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Apricots are rich in fiber. One cup of apricots can meet 8-13% of one’s daily fiber needs. Apricots are high in soluble fiber, which can help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fiber is also beneficial for the digestive system as it allows food to move smoothly through the digestive tract and alleviates constipation. An analysis of dried apricots nutrition facts also reveals that they are rich in potassium. Eating two apricots is enough to meet 4% of one’s daily potassium needs. Potassium is important for the human body as it plays a role in fluid balance and muscle contraction. As the modern diet tends to be high in sodium and can lead to potassium deficiency, it is important to consume adequate amounts of potassium to prevent high blood pressure.

23 February, 2021

BRC certificate with an “AA” grade

By Izmir Organic

We are thrilled to announce that Izmir Organic has been granted a BRC certificate with an “AA” grade – the highest possible rating under BRC Global Standards for quality, safety and integrity in food manufacturing. A BRC certificate sets the international benchmark for best practice in manufacturing and we are happy that our team’s excellence has earned us this certificate for a sixth consecutive year. #driedfruits #nuts #brc #izmirorganic

7 February, 2021

Dried Fig Production Will Hit a Record

By Izmir Organic

We expect a crop of 90 000 tons of dried figs this season thanks to good weather conditions. Dried figs are one of the leading agricultural export products of the Aegean and have experienced their best season in 30 years. Suitable climatic conditions including favorable wind made it possible to have a good crop this year. While 80 000 tons of dried figs were exported last year, 2019-2020 is set to hit a record with 90 000 tons in export.

15 September, 2020

17.6 Million USD in Revenue from Apricot Kernels

By Izmir Organic

Last year, about 640 075 kilograms of apricot kernelswere exported from Malatya, which provides 85% of the world’s dried apricots. This generated about 17 million 592 thousand dollars in revenue. The city of Malatya alone harbors 8 of the 17 million apricot trees in Turkey, and is home to 50 000 families that earn their living from the sale of apricot products. In the past few years, the export of apricot kernels from Malatya generated 14 million 715 thousand dollars in 2017, 13 million 168 thousand dollars in 2016, 15 million 101 thousand dollars in 2015, and 16 million 389 thousand dollars in 2014. Germany and Italy are the leading importers of apricot kernels and require on average 4000 tons each year. In addition to Germany and Italy, other significant importers of apricot kernels include India, Morocco, Denmark, Iraq, the Russian Federation and Belgium.

17 February, 2020

We Don’t Take Chances

By Izmir Organic

Our facility is improving its production quality with each passing day as we do not leave any part of our work to chance. Based on R&D studies of our product quality, we decided to purchase a second X-ray machine to feature in our production line alongside the existing one. Our new X-ray machine will help us both achieve a 0% level in foreign material in our products and maintain the highest standards of quality for which our company is known. It will also enable us to reach a product safety level of 99% while keeping our production rate stable.Find out more about our services to learn about the ways in which we maintain our quality standards while responding to our customers’ needs. Izmir Organic provides safety and quality guarantees for raw material, bulk and retail products which extend over all production processes.

12 January, 2020

New CO2 Pressure Tank

By Izmir Organic

Food products are prone to infestation by insects or their larvae and eggs. Larvae may cause microbiological contamination and may even render an entire lot unfit for consumption, particularly when a product is stored for extended periods of time. Our CO2 pressure fumigation tank is able to kill all insects that may be present without leaving any residue or damaging the product. It is also perfectly safe for health. The CO2 pressure tank functions as follows: first, the air in the tank is drawn out at a specific rate, then CO2 gas is released inside the tank. Temperature is set to 30 C in order to make the larvae come out. After some time, all larvae and eggs are killed. Treatment with CO2 is effective, and its results are 75% more successful than those of treatment in cold temperature. It can efficiently kill all worms, larvae, Symphyta, butterflies, fruit flies, etc. This treatment is also clean and sustainable. We offer a CO2 fumigation service for customers concerned about insect-related issues, please contact us for more information.

8 November, 2019

BRC “A” Grade Again!

By Izmir Organic


6 October, 2019

2017/18 Turkish Dried Figs Season Market Update

By Izmir Organic

World leader in the production of dried fruits, Turkey has seen a 15% increase in its dried figs production in the 2017/18 season.The Aegean Exporters Union estimated dried fig production at 78 200 tons and Turkish exports at 79 000 tons following the 15% increase.

10 October, 2018

Turkey Earns 1.5 Billion Dollars in Hazelnut Exports

By Izmir Organic

In the first 9 months of the 2017/18 hazelnutexport season, the volume of hazelnut exports increased by 26% relative to the previous year, while the revenue generated decreased by 3%. On Monday, a national union stated that Turkey had sold nearly 240 000 tons of hazelnuts in the first 9 months of the season for a value of 1.5 billion dollars. According to the Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Union, between September 2017 and May 2018, the export volume witnessed a 26.1% increase compared to the same period the previous year. The union’s statistics also indicated that, despite the increase in sales volume, the value of exports fell by about 3% compared to the same period in the previous season. Nearly 75% of Turkish hazelnut exports in the first nine months of the season were to EU countries for a value of about 1.1 billion dollars. In the 2016/17 season, which extended from September 2016 to August 2017, Turkey exported about 236 000 tons of hazelnuts for a value of 1.88 billion dollars. Turkey is the world’s leading exporter of hazelnuts.

1 October, 2018

Crop News April 2018

By Izmir Organic

Mulberries and apricots grow in the same southeastern region of Turkey. The first week of April saw no major frost in Malatya and its surroundings and, by the end of April, the risk of frost dropped down to zero. A considerable quality crop is expected for both apricots and mulberries. The quality of mulberries, however, could still be affected by conditions prevailing in the coming months as the berries slowly mature and are sun dried. We expect a high yield of larger-sized apricots. This increase in availability may cause prices to go down. Contact us prior to harvest to discuss prices at yaban@yabanfood.com

23 April, 2018

SIAL Paris, International Food Exhibition, 21-25 October 2018

By Izmir Organic

SIAL Paris is the world's biggest marketplace for food service professionals. Our sales team was really pleased to meet all of you there and we hope to see you again on similar occasions. We once again experienced an amazing adventure together. Thank you everyone!

5 April, 2018

BIOFACH 2018 – Izmir Organic

By Izmir Organic

Representatives from the organic trade sector will meet at the BIOFACH 2018 organic exhibition in Nuremberg from February 14 to 17, 2018. The exhibition is expected to host 2950 participants and more than 50 000 visitors from the national and international organic sectors. Izmir Organic will take part in BIOFACH once again this year. You can find us in Hall 4 at booth 134. You are always welcome to visit our booth to meet us and learn about our products.www.izmir-organic.com

2 April, 2018

Volume of Dried Figs Export Increases by 28%

By Izmir Organic

The 2017/18 dried figs export season began on October 11, 2017. Between October 11 and 14, Turkey exported dried figs to 54 countries for a value of 34 million 322 thousand dollars. In last season’s first week, Turkey had exported 5196 tons of dried figs for a value of 22 million 39 thousand dollars. The volume of dried figs exports has therefore increased by 28% this season and the revenue generated by 54%.

Our goal is to export 65 000 to 70 000 tons / The chairman of the Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association indicated that the Turkish fig had become a global trademark and made the following statement: “Our objective is to export Turkish figs in exchange for the highest possible value. We work hard to export Turkish figs in the most advantageous way, with high value added. We had a record harvest this year which yielded 78 200 tons. This volume should not worry anyone because we will export this harvest with assurance. Our goal is to export 70 000 tons”.

Highest volumes exported to France, Germany and Italy / The leading importer of dried figs in the first week of the 2017/18 season was France for a value of 6 million 251 thousand dollars. It was followed by Germany which imported 5 million 833 thousand dollars’ worth of dried figs. The third leading importer was Italy for a value of 4 million 25 thousand dollars. These three countries were followed by the USA and Switzerland with dried fig importation figures of 2 million 539 thousand dollars and 2 million 178 thousand dollars, respectively.

Turkey exported 63 605 tons of dried figs in the 2016/17 season By the end of the 2016/17 export season, Turkey had exported 63 605 tons of dried figs. In the 2015/16 season, exports had reached 67 530 tons. The 2016/17 figures showed a 1% decrease in the volume of dried fig exports and represented a value of 232 million 913 thousand dollars. This is attributable to an increase in the average exportation price for dried figs.France has been the leading importer of dried figs for years and remained so in the 2016/17 season for a value of 34 million 489 thousand dollars. Germany followed France with imports valued at 30 million 465 thousand dollars. The USA came in third by purchasing 25 million 672 thousand dollars’ worth of dried figs. Overall, dried figs were exported to 98 countries in the 2016/17 season.Our company exports the current season’s organic and conventional dried figs to both Europe and the USA. Every year we add value to our products, services and quality and we grow with our customers.

8 November, 2017

The Wonders of Black Cumin Seed Oil

By Izmir Organic

The oil of black seeds (Nigella sativa), also known as black cumin seeds, has been used by traditional healers for centuries. In the Middle East and across the Islamic world, it is considered as one of the greatest healing medicines, and is used for a variety of applications. Modern herbalists use it most commonly to assist in the treatment of asthma, cancer and diabetes. A Turkish study from 2003 sought to examine the mechanism through which black seeds increase insulin production. It found that the hypoglycemic action of black seeds could be partly due to improved function of β-cells in pancreatic islets, leading to increased insulin secretion. A 2010 random control trial study by Bamosa et al. involving 94 diabetic patients found that 2 gm/day of Nigella sativa caused a significant decrease in fasting blood glucose levels. The researchers concluded that “Nigella sativa might be a beneficial adjunct to oral hypoglycemic agents in type-2 diabetic patients”.

15 September, 2017

Strong Demand for Mulberries Due to Changing Understanding of Health in Europe

By Izmir Organic

A changing understanding among European consumers of what it means to be healthy is driving consumption of mulberries. European consumers use products such as dietary supplements both to feel good and to prevent disease. As such, the European dietary supplements market is expected to grow by 9.5% between 2015 and 2020. There is a particularly growing demand for food supplements that support immune system function as European consumers develop a growing awareness of the connection between a strong immune system and disease prevention. Mulberry supplements are among the dietary supplements that have seen a growth in demand due to mulberries’ potent antioxidant properties and high vitamins and minerals content.

30 August, 2017

Turkey Ranks Second in Pistachio Production July 2017

By Izmir Organic

Turkey produced 170 000 tons of pistachios last year across its 56 pistachio-producing cities. It came second behind the USA, the world’s top pistachio producer, which had a crop of 350 000 tons last year. The third pistachio producer after the USA and Turkey is Iran. Every year, the crop quantity varies depending on the weather conditions in producing countries. Turkey has consistently ranked second, however, in recent years. Where to buy pistachios? Izmir Organic is one of the leading pistachio suppliers. We can deliver orders as small as one pallet load anywhere in the world. Our partner companies will also gladly assist customers with their retail needs.

17 July, 2017

2017 Turkish Dried Fruit Export Figures

By Izmir Organic

Turkey is the leading exporter of raisins, dried apricots and dried figs. Exports of the three dried fruits generated a revenue of 925 million 602 thousand USD for Turkey in 2017. Records indicate that about 270 025 tons of seedless raisins were exported in 2017 for a revenue of 419 million 268 thousand dollars. Raisins export generated the greatest influx of foreign currency in the Turkish economy. The export of dried apricots consisted of 86 255 tons for a value of 273 million 421 thousand dollars, while the export of dried figs consisted in a quantity of 63 605 tons for a value of 232 million 913 thousand dollars. In the 2015/16 season, Turkey earned 967 million 229 thousand dollars from the export of raisins, dried apricots and dried figs. The export of seedless raisins and dried figs increased in the 2016/17 season while the export of dried apricots decreased relative to the 2015/16 season.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association stated that Turkey must export 80% of its seedless raisins, dried apricots and dried figs production, and that it has been able to do so for centuries.

The UK was the leading importer of Turkish seedless raisins with 107 million dollars’ worth of imports. Germany was the second top importer with 55 million dollars’ worth of imports and the Netherlands came in third with 46 million dollars.

The European Union is the leading market for Turkish dried apricots as it accounts for 44% of exports and a revenue of 119 million 288 thousand dollars. Exports to the American continent are second with 58 million 679 thousand dollars; exports to the Far East generate 30 million dollars; exports to Middle Eastern countries 19 million dollars and exports to African countries, 11 million dollars. On a country basis, the biggest dried apricot importers are the United States with 40 million dollars, France with 27 million dollars, and Germany with 22 million dollars.

19 May, 2017

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