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Our Factory is certified according to 6 Quality Standards  

Exporting to 43 Different Countries and 142 Customers

Dried Mulberries
Dried Apricots
Dried Figs
Sultana Raisins
Apricot Kernels
Daha Fazla Göster

Izmir Organic is the Turkish Dried fruits and vegetables supplier - manufacturer based in Free Zone IZMIR. The factory was born out of our desire to produce reliable organic and sustainably - grown clean food in 2008 . In order to reach to the unique raw materials in the world, we have decided to establish our production at Aegean Free Zone in 2011.

Here in the free zone, our advantage is that we can export and import all different raw materials without any custom obligations. Today we do supply the products such as dried fruits & vegetables, nuts, spices and other products coming from Turkish and other organic projects abroad such as Uzbekistan, Iran, China and Afghanistan. 

In addition, we do use the newest technologies on our product line such as
Bühler Sortex color sorter, 2 xray machines, stone removers, metal detector, sieves, fumigation humidifying and dehydration rooms. 

Our facility is certified organic by Bio.Inspecta Switzerland according to NOP/USDA, EU and COR standarts, BRC certified by DQS, Kosher certified by Swiss Rabbinate. We do give the quality insurance to the companies who want to bring their raw materials from the source for final control, cleaning or repacking.

In any condition, if our customer proves the product is not satisfying their quality needs we take the product back with our free zone advantage. According to the agreement, we can supply a new lot or we can pay the invoice value back. 

We have over 50 regular customers such as health stores, wholesalers, importers, chocolate manufacturers in the United States, Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Italy and Holland. Also we work with customers from all over the world that has rejected products from FDA or European authorities. We can reproduce the food products that recall from FDA or no permission to enter to the country.


You can find the list provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA - regulated products. All of our products are processed at low temperatures to ensure that none of their vital nutrients are lost during processing. We enjoy producing foods in their pure, minimally processed state, foods that are grown organically, and in a sustainable way.  Our goal is to make satisfy our customers with the quality and to supply them with the best market values.

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