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    Where heirloom fruits meet state-of-the-art technology.
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    Izmir Organic is a BRC certified Turkish dried fruits and vegetables
    supplier and manufacturer based in Izmir’s Aegean Free Zone.
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    Our factory was born out of a desire to produce
    reliable organic and sustainably-grown food in 2011.


Global Ingredients

We operate with a large team to work directly with farmers and small pre-processors to guarantee the cleanliness of our products. We also test all ingredients to verify their certification before accepting them into our facility and apply strict purchase specifications.


Certified Quality

We hold BRC quality and food safety certification since 2014. In addition, our organic process holds NOP and EC certifications, and our factory is certified under Sedex social responsibility standards. Most of our products are Kosher and Halal certified as well.

Local Delivery

We offer custom-cleared deliveries on partial, mixed and consolidated orders as well as on full containers to Europe and the USA through local partners. We facilitate our regular customers’ ability to purchase from the source and help them maintain low inventory levels.


Our factory is located in the Aegean Free Zone in Izmir, Turkey, and is certified organic under CCPB Italy, NOP/USDA, EU and COR standards.

We hold BRC certification through AIB International and Sedex certification through Intertek. Most of our products are Kosher certified by Swiss Rabbinate and Halal certified by Kas-Cert.

Our foothold in the Aegean Free Zone allows us to obtain raw materials from various sourcing projects free from customs duties.

Our dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices and other products come directly from growers based in the products’ country of origin.

Roots dating back to the 1990s, Izmir Organic focuses on sustainable farming by working directly with organic farmers. In time, Izmir Organic became one of the largest dried apricot suppliers that exports dried fruits all over the world. Currently, our products have organic, halal, kosher and Sedex certifications and are processed in a BRC certified factory.

About us


Exclusive Mulberries

All mulberry processing takes place in our BRC certified facility and certified organic under USDA and EU regulations

Diced Apricots

Organic dried apricots are high in fiber. One of their main health benefits is their low glycemic index.

Diced Figs

Because Diced figs are used in final products, some issues are of particular importance in the production of diced figs..

Fig Paste

As an ingredient, fig paste is often used in the preparation of fruit-filled cereal bars or fruit balls. .

Sun Dried Tomatoes

We can increase the moisture level and provide with a moisture ranging from 18% to 36% to suit our customers’ needs

Mulberry Crumbles

Crumbles are a trending product for muesli, fruit bars and raw chocolate. They provide a taste similar to that of cacao nibs.

Apricot Kernels

The most publicized compound in apricot kernels is doubtless amygdalin (B17) which is responsible for the kernels’ bitter taste

Apricot Kernel Oil

Mechanically pressing apricot kernels between the metal plates causes them to fracture and release their oil.

Black Seed Oil

Production of black cumin seed oil requires pressing the seeds at room temperature using mechanical pressing.

We are thrilled to announce that Izmir Organic has been granted a BRC certificate with an “AA” grade – the highest possible rating under BRC Global Standards for quality, safety and integrity in food manufacturing.

A BRC certificate sets the international benchmark for best practice in manufacturing and we are happy that our team’s excellence has earned us this certificate for a sixth consecutive year.

We are thrilled to announce that Izmir Organic has been granted a BRC certificate with an “AA” grade – the highest possible rating under BRC Global Standards for quality, safety and integrity in food manufacturing.


Fig Crop Update

Dried Figs 2020 Crop total expectation : 70 - 75 thousand tons 2019 Crop was : 85 thousand tons Carried Over to 2020 : 11 thousand tons Quality : Low compared to 2019 season. Especially figs harvested from the Southern lowland.The quality of the Figs harvested from the mountains are similar to...

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Dried Fig production hit a record

Dried figs are expected to yield around 90 thousand tons thanks to the good weather conditions this season. Dried figs, which are one of the leading agricultural export products of the Aegean, have experienced the best season of the last 30 years. The climatic conditions...

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Market Report

According to the news from the field, the number of figs per branch seems higher than last year, typically there should be 4-5 figs per branch but now there are 6-7 on average. Last year the rains and humid weather in August caused a decrease in quality like 30-40% of the crop. But this season the drying process will start...

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The Quality of the New Crop of Apricots is Better Than Expected!

The quality of the new crop of apricots is better than expected in Malatya where 85% of the world dried apricot production is made.Approximately 50 thousand families earn their living from this product and there are 8 million apricot...

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Agricultural frost will not affect the crop in Apricot

It is stated that the agricultural frost that occurred in Malatya between the 23rd and 25th of March will not affect the yield. Last year, 95 thousand and 350 tons of dried apricots were exported to 112 countries and 261 million 397 thousand...

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